Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby kookaburra's

I know, Jo's off sick and I should be painting canvas's, but just out the back of the shop we have been most fortunate in experiencing the first week of 3 baby kookaburra's, ok so what some of you may say, but for us kiwi's they are what australia is all about. I first saw one in a large gum tree a little way away, branches got in the way to take a good photo. Saturday while I was teaching a workshop they had come down into the jacaranda tree right there next to the fence and I was lucky to get some close up photo's.

Bit blurry but you can see how beautiful it is, they have kept us entertained all week as they practised their manic laugh, started off like a baby cooing. Well there you go I hope you enjoy them like we do.

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Anonymous said...

what a lovely photograph, good work kiddo.