Friday, December 12, 2008

Perth Upmarket

Tomorrow, Sunday 14th we are participating in a new artisans market at Perth Town Hall. We have been preparing for weeks, making handmade products as per criteria of the organiser of Perth Upmarket which is very refreshing to be getting back to making products. This is the 2nd event the first being in September which was a huge success, crowds of shoppers blocking all the aisle's. The Perth Town Hall is a beautiful old building which has recently been refurbished the street entrance now used as a gallery and the beautiful upstairs restored to its original style. Both upstairs and downstairs are used for the Upmarket and we are upstairs which makes us feel very privileged. Following are some of the products we have made for the market, we are really excited to be doing this. Packs of stamped gift tags and twine to wrap. Memo stick it notes. More tags held with wood peg. Fridge magnet pegs. Large rosette for a new baby boy. For a baby girls first christmas.These large rosettes where fun to make, we made small ones to go on the gift as well.

The rosette on these are about the size of a large dinner plate.The canvas's here have borrowed relations, an album I was given when I was in France, so they are all unknown french children.

Vintage buttons, buckles, optical lens and a pewter twig used on these canvas's. I will take my camera and share the view inside the market.


Megan P said...

Good luck with the markets Jacky. Your goodies look amazing.

Judy said...

Good luck - it all loos great, wish we had one of those markets over here.