Friday, December 12, 2008

classes in shop

The girls who come regularly come to our classes have been very creative lately making Christmas items, decorations and for gifts.

Christmas glass balls with silver nest and eggs inside nest, have you any idea how difficult it is to put things inside these glass balls and glue them in place, a real challenge as the girls will tell you, moving things around with bamboo sticks until one is happy with placement, can you see the little bird hovering over the nest. Top is decorated with pretty ribbon and decorative buttons. The buttons where kind of heavy so was difficult to get ball to sit up straight.

Above is Mandy Herrings decoration, see the feather.

These are the samples I made for the canvas class, a lot of the girls decided to make more of these as Christmas gifts. The one on the left is my little family, Kirsty and Raymon on top and Joanne nestled in a tin with mica on top. On the right is my sisters and I as little children. I have used pewter twigs tied on with torn ribbon and hung little dangly things of crystals and vintage beads. Vintage buttons are also used on the roofs of the homes.

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