Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Perth Upmarket day

Well its all over, was a lot of work leading up to the fair but it was all well worth it. Its not only the sales but its the wonderful people you meet and new contacts for the shop. This time we had an extra 2 hours and it was not so crowded. Sometimes when a fair is so crowded, people become frustrated because they cannot see what is on the stalls, there also seems to be a lot of pushing. It did not feel that there was as many people but that could be the longer hours, but sales where good so was all worthwhile. Above is the wonderful Perth Town Hall in the centre of the city. upstairs where we had our stall. Can you see that beautiful ceiling. The lovely Annie with her beautiful handmade wares. Sorry photo a bit blurred Beautiful handmade glazed ceramics, such beautiful colours Amazing colourful shoes, not handmade but designed by this lovely lady.

And lastly our stall, we where one of the first to finish setting up this time, which takes the pressure of. View from the stage end of the hall, Joanne heading out.This is my one purchase, lovely handwashed french linen napkins. Are they not divine!

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