Friday, January 23, 2009

Big Sale on at Artistic Journey

Thought new year time to put into practise my new years resolution of letting things go, hence a big sale at our shop, 50% off a big selection of products. Make way for new stuff. We also have these sale items on our website http://www.artisticjourney/ if you are interested and unable to get into the shop. Lots of 7gypsy's, odd papers, basic grey packs, stamps, thurlby farm soaps etc and many more.

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Anonymous said...


Hi your baby sister here. You are soooo creative. Show the Valentines picture to Sue and she absolutely loved it and said she wants one. I am so lucky to have sisters who love the same stuff I like. Dont know whether you got my text but brought a gorgeous book from Borders on French accessorizing. You would love it. Phil has the name of book.