Friday, January 2, 2009

christmas home decorations

really had trouble getting into the mood of christmas this year, it has been such a busy year and when you decorate the shop as well its hard to be creative at home as well. this is some of my home decorated for christmas.
feather tree and 2 silver trees from the shop in window in lounge with presents below.collection of ornamental trees I have collected over the last 5 years plus candle holders on top of television cabinet.many of these baubles I have collected in Sydney a few at a time, they are victorian reproduction heavy glass, I just love them all the pearl ones, vintage mirror, clear glass to name a few. Just as well that I bought them when I found them as they dissappeared from the shops after several years. This collection looks lovely with the outside light shining through them.I love this chipped mantle peice and display my small collection of mantle clocks the one on the top left Phillipa bought me back from france and the one on the bottom right Paddy bought me as well as those lovely old metal stencils mmmh wonder where they where used.

german belsnickles in their felted coats on the bookshelf.small hall stand just inside the front door is a favourite for decorating, I love to thread the strands of golden amber beads across the top and then nestle lovely little birds and butterflies in amongst them just like branches, now I dont know what happened to the colour but photo appears to have gone black and white.and the front door with one of the rosettes we made in the shop nestled into a green wreath just to wish you all a merry christmas.

well it looks as if the gremlins have got into my computor and changed all my photo's to black and white, they look ok though dont you think!


Anonymous said...

They look wonderful and even more geogous in black and white, great job.

Karen H said...

Hi Jacky, your lovely home looks gorgeous all decked out for Christmas. I like the b&w pics and hope that you had a wonderful Christmas.