Friday, January 16, 2009

Colours of Summer

It is summer in Perth, which means extreme heat 42 degrees celcius yesterday. But with the heat comes clear blue skies and vibrant colours. Can't live without the airconditioner though.

I noticed a smear on my camera lens, which is the blur on these photo's.a small peice of old iron lace I was lucky to pick up in Bridgetown for $10 about 2 foot long, love the different colour paints plus rust coming through. a bowl of sea shells the grey one is an oyster shell, shades of white bowl of lovely red tomatoes that I grew this year, most I have ever got off one plant.and this is where alex spends most of her day in the heat, right under the airconditioner vent where it blows down on her. what a life aye! In the winter she sleeps in a tight ball.

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Corrine said...

I could do with some of that heat right now. So far this year we have had four days of summer with temps at almost 30...which I feel is just right. My tomatoes are still in small green globes on the tomato plant...actually I mostly just have flowers thinking about turning into tomatoes one day. what we need is some more sun.... I'll post some garden photo's on my blog in the next day or two...the spagetti squash in the hot box has turned into a trifid!