Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holidays 2

Beautiful arcade, I love old arcades and the photo above is taking a photo of Phillipa and I in a mirrored sculpture in the arcade, crazy huh.
They have these amazing sculptures of feathers along the mall looking as if they are floating in the air.
An inspiring afternoon was spent at the Gallery of Contemorary Art, Brisbane has amazing Museum and Art Gallery and I could have spent all day there.  This skater was in this darkened hall will lights highlighting the objects.

Can you see us off centre taking photo's

The colours in this photo just blew me away, look at that indigo fabric

There was this amazing display of all kinds of birds nests made from shredded paper, wow!!!!!

You just wanted to give this sleeping elephant such a big hug, but there was this lady just sitting with her eyes glued on it to make sure you didn't touch....

if you look real close it looks like a fabric painted grey with these little hooks painted all over it, so realistic

this sweet little statue was on the lawn by the cafe

and this little guy was a little too close for my comfort, he came out of the hedge looking for dropped crumbs

a great view of the city from above the bus station, very good bus system
mmmh wont let me download again, I need a new computor............

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