Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Back again, been busy, crazey busy, but here I am now.
I have just spent two weeks holiday in Queensland with my three sisters, or should I say 9 days with 3 sisters and 5 days with 1 sister.  However I want to share some of the hightlights of our time together. From the Gold Coast we spent a day exploring a wonderful rain forest, amazing trees.  No that is not a real crocodile but does make a good photo.

The coastline was stunning, the water so warm, I wished I could have gone swimming.

Look at this amazing eagle sculpture looking out over the coast
                                           Food was good especially this apple and rhubarb pie
We spent 4 nights on the Gold Coast then went on down to Brisbane, staying in a hotel walking distance from the shopping centre (up a hill) great exercise.  Having problems downloading photo's so will have another go later.

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