Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Holidays 3

I just had to discreetly photoraph this gorgeous Macaw just sitting on this guys shoulder at a wonderful market we went to.  If you have not been to Queensland, it is in the tropics and has the most amazing fruit and vegetables, so cheap I just pigged out on pineapples.  It is also very lush and green after all the rain they have been having, not much evidence of the disastrous floods not long ago.

this little guy was such a poser, taken at the Botanical gardens, they lost over 2000 plants in the floods

late afternoon shadows in this park in the city with the ever popular palms
 with a much loved cousin that we spent so many good times with growing up, all looking into the sun, who's idea was that!
Cathy Pentons lovely little shop just outside Toowoomba

 this wonderful old cow shed is on Mandy Woodham's property which is a kids idyllic playground
and Mandy's wonderful typical Queenslander home, the old homes in Queensland are unique, I have not seen the like anywhere else in Australia

and finally the sisters posing it up
Well that was a marathon effort, hope I didn't bore you with holiday snaps but it is all so pretty...

Have a wonderful Easter


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Elizabeth Maxson - Creative Entrepreneur said...

Thanks for the tour Jacky. I loved visiting. Thanks for stopping by so I could meet you! I am seriously thinking of visiting Cathy Penton in the near future. I've always wanted to go to Australia and Cathy and I have been cyber friends for several years now and it is time we met in person! If you live near by, we could meet up too!

Have a great week and thanks for sharing such lovely photos and blog,