Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Where this woman creates

This week Where Women Create from Stampington arrived, with each issue I think that they couldn't possibly find more beautiful studios or workshops, but they do it again.                           This is my studio or workroom our large second bedroom which on the plan was two small bedrooms and we changed it to one.  Not up to WWC standard but most of the time it works for me.

 Recently I bought this neat table from Ikea, luckily the last one in stock until more come in.  The trestle legs can raise or tip the table top which was what I was looking for.  Lots of time when I am painting I like to work standing up and all the tables or trestles I looked at where just a bit to low, causes my lower back to get very sore after a period of standing and working.  The set of thin drawers underneath are on rollers and can be pulled out to give extra space to put things on.
 Lots of light comes in from this set of sliding double doors plus fresh air.  Cupboard to right at the moment is used to store my paints and cartons that need sorting, that will come, room underneath for slim old suitcases.
 Mostly display stuff this end but have the laptop in front of the window, just enough space for working here.
Spaces for some of my books, the rest spill out all over the family room.
Hanging above the bed is a vintage Japanese Hakama made of hemp, this is a skirt that a man would have worn.  I bought this off Ruth at our Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market.  I love to buy items that I treasure from our stall holders, always find something lovely.
A very good bit of news that I want to share with you is that Nina Bagley is still coming to our retreat at Dwellingup in July.  When New Zealand had to cancel (we where sharing the airfare cost) and then Nina's fathers health deteriorated I was concerned that she would not want to leave him at this time.  But she is excited about coming and so are we.
I am off to Bunbury with two of my Granddaughters from Perth Maddison and Kaitlin, picking up Alyssa from Collie where Maddison is having skating lessons from some overseas tutors.  Kids are excited, we will be staying at the Lord Forrest hotel, going to the movies and just having fun.  Will spend a night at Kirstys before coming home on Monday.
Hope you all have a good weekend

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sharon said...

just wonderful lovely lovely gardens jacky you have create a peacefull haven