Thursday, December 15, 2011

New Journey

Our dearest son Raymon starts a journey today with us tagging along.  Raymon has been diagnosed with cancer in the lymph gland it was also in one tonsil which was removed several weeks ago.  Although Johns brother and mother died with cancer it was while we where in Australia and we where not aware of all the procedures.  My sisters, son-in-law also succumbed to cancer and she and my other two sisters are very supportive.  This is a totally alien world for us and a steep learning curve for all our family.  I have heard of alternative treatments of cancer but when faced with it we can see no alternative other than to follow the medical professionals advise, it is so scary and we don't want to place any pressures on Raymon to try other treatments.  He, as well as we, feel that the medical profession have all the knowledge and latest equipment and treatments in their hands.  My outlook is to stay positive and I am confident Raymon will pull through this.  He is healthy, eats healthy food, doesn't smoke or drink alcohol, his vice is wacky weed and we hope this will give him some relaxation when he gets anxious as I know he does.  He is a fighter and I know he will follow the directions he is given.  Having had an infusion for Pagets I have a little bit of an idea how the body reacts to a foreign substance being  injected into the body and its pretty damn hard for a couple of days, my guess it will be a lot worse but the doctor assures us that they will be able to give him something for every side effect that he will get.  We will all get through this stronger than before, his cancer is not the worst stage and they are confident that it will shrink with chemo and radiation, there are a lot of people worse off than Raymon but this is his personal journey, only he will feel the pain, the vomiting and all the other things. I know Kirsty and Joanne are very concerned for their brother and they are very reassuring for us.
prepared for the fight ahead


Chookie said...

Hi Jacky
So sorry to hear your news but have faith in the doctors and all the medical knowledge they possess - I know I have been there and that was nearly 20 years ago now.
Thinking of you and Kirsty and your family.

Jen Crossley said...

Oh Jacky Im sorry to hear your news,hang in there.