Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

 This year my Christmas decorating was quite sparse, somehow my heart wasn't quite there.  The feather tree on the table has 3 vintage pairs of baby shoes in shades of white with a gorgeous cream childs boot given to me in Italian by a lovely friend Olga, it started me off with a love of old worn children's footwear. In amongst the birdhouses on top of the cabinet I mixed in a lot of 12 inch feather trees.  Just outside this room I hung an old white window frame below the wisteria with a white paper cornet attached to the side, this I saw in the Christmas edition of Jeanne d'Arc Living magazine.  Of course in Denmark their homes have snow everywhere !!!! sigh
 Christmas morning tea with the girls who attend my weekly classes, this was a welcome respite to just sit around talking, eating and sharing gifts.

And this is the reason for my lack of decorating for Christmas, a week before our kitchen was being renovated.  Top is the new kitchen.  We had black formica glued over the old yellow below, a lovely new sink from Ikea, have been hanging out for a sink that you can fit a meat dish in and this one fits the bill nicely, its white porcelain and so cheap when you compare it to other similar ones. New down lights above the sink, they where in the middle of this area before and I was always in my shadow working at the bench.  Dual taps and a range hood completed the makeover.  Earlier in the year we had got a new hotplate and oven so all done for another 10 or more years.
I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas and I look forward to a better new year.
Raymon is through his first bout of chemo, hit him about a bit after he came home on Thursday but feeling a little bit better today.

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