Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday

Image of embroidery I did a few years ago on silks and satins.
Today started out with hot cross buns, paid for that later (reflux) just love hot cross buns but the spices in them give me much pain, still it was worth it. This was not a day for housework, so I finished a book that I have been reading by Bernard Cornwell, 'The Winter King' the first of a trilogy about the legend of Arthur and Merlin, I have always been fascinated in this Legend and while I was in Cornwall UK a couple of years ago with my sister Phillipa, we stayed in a castle called Camelot, not the Camelot but it was over 100 years old, built on the top of cliffs overlooking the sea, across from the ruins of Tintagel where Arthur was supposedly born and below were the caves that Merlin supposedly inhabited. There is no proof in history that Arthur or Merlin existed during these wars with the saxons after the romans left England. A really good read I must get the next book in the trilogy now as its hard to keep track of the names.

I watched the DVD Fleetwood Mac 'The Dance' which was 106 minutes of pure magic. What talented musicians, I am transported with the beautiful smokey tones of Stevie Nicks, and the mellow voice of Christine McVie and Lindsey Buckingham what can I say about this amazing guitar playing genius and voice. I do so admire people who are so passionate about their music and it comes through in their performances. I loved all the tracks but The Chain is a favourite and Tusk with the Marching Band joining in was pure magic, John has a really good sound system and loves to turn the volume up and the music just washes over you in waves. I have a very mixed range of music that I love, my favourite from way back when was Fats Domino, voice of pure molten treacle. But I love gutsy singers with a very raw sound, love good guitar playing, blues, jazz, hard rock to gospel. When I was a young girl living on a sheep and cattle station in NZ, my older cousins used to sing gospel songs in harmony when doing the dishes, I was in heaven, singing is not something I do well, breathing is my problem but I do love listening to music when I am doing my art, Leonard Cohen's Dear Heather is a good one for me. In the afternoon it was around to Jo's to make more birdnests with my granddaughters for their easter eggs, this was a fun time for them and me.

Our website seems to be operating again, our IT man Scott very patiently explained to me that the problem was between our website provider and our internet provider BigPond, in language that I could follow, he explained that there are a number of links ie Perth - Adelaide, Adelaide - Sydney, Sydney to LA in the USA, and so on, and there was a link broken in America on a Bigpond line which is why those with Bigpond where having the problem. We found some people had no problems where others had intermittant access I am guessing their providers went through Bigpond and to the likes of us on Bigpond who had no access for nearly a week. So our deepest apologies to anyone trying to access our website

Finally a message to the lovely Juliarose I have been unable to reply to your kind comments on my blog as I cannot access your email by reply, would love to contact you so could you send me your email address.

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Ahipara Girl said...

Hey Jackie
I love the embroidery, the altered books and esp those sweet little nests you made with your mokopuna. Very cool. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. It is always nice to talk to other Kiwi's. My whanau all live in Oz now, and I miss them. I am thinking of shifting there so my boys can go to high school in Brisbane, however, I just can't bring myself to leave my beautiful Aotearoa. I love this place, so for now Oz is only a holiday destination. Once the kids go though, my husband and I are off around the world. Nice to meet you. I enjoyed visiting.