Wednesday, March 12, 2008


The lovely juliarose tagged me, this is new to me, not sure what to do but will give it a go, 7 random facts about me. oh gosh!!!! ok
1 born in the land of the long white cloud, my wonderful New Zealand, moving to Australia with my family in 1982. NZ is still home.
2 oldest of four wonderful sisters at 63 years young, so i am the big sister.
3 drove through Germany on the right hand side of the road with my sister as co pilot and map reader, think it was more of a challenge for her, reading the sign posts.
4 love mixed media art, pure escapism
5 have a never give up belief in life, and will give anything a go
6 my passions are chocolate (oh I cant believe I said that one) vintage everything, reading, music
7 I would love to be able to dance, any kind of dance, just love the rythm and in my mind I can soar with the 'So you think you can dance" contestants

There now as you can see I am a quirky minded soul who will be up to my elbows in paint for as long as I can move my hands and fingers. Love to travel, especially Europe and the UK, I am a late starter where travel is concerned. Thought I would go for 6 weeks with my sister, do it on the rough, and that would be that, wrong, now I can't wait to go again. I come from a warm loving family who instilled in me that I could do whatever I want do where I like, I just took a while to come to believe it.


JuliaRose said...

Hi Jacky,
Love your seven random facts...
Can't believe it?..
Did I tell you I was from NZ as well...grew up in Rotorua....I have a younger sister Jacqui.We could dance together around the room,I hvae traveled alot as well,...
Loved your facts, now you have to tag others...supposed to be 7 others but I only tagged 2,naughty aren't I..remember to put them at the bottom of your post and link to their sites from their names..
You sound like me, weird, we could be soul sisters , heeehee...I will send you some pics of my place, it looks like yours..

jo said...

Hmmm, there is a random fact or two that you failed to mention. They would some adventures you have shared with your sisters!! Maybe a little dove on hip or a particular type of swimming???
Love Jo xoxo