Friday, March 14, 2008

Sorry Juliarose, I am not very good with blog procedures, I am supposed to tag someone. Sorry I can think of only one blog to tag and that is my dearest sister Phillipa who has a wonderful blog on her vintage collection, she also sells vintage products if you contact her via her blog. A lot of my wonderful vintage stuff I have got from her, oh there is no better friend than a sister and I have three, how lucky am I.My dear Jo has been under a lot of strain with a rebel teenage daughter which has increased in intensity this school term. Its very hard being a mother and a daughter at this age, one questions reasons for the behaviour which is so out of character, they have been through all the counselling routes to no avail, one has to think maybe a physical unbalance. Once they come out the other side of all this I am sure they will be the greatest of friends. The photo above of Jo shows that she is very slight in build, what it doesnt show is her sensitive nature. As Jo's mother I am trying to cut her slack in the shop to enable her to cope with all the tension, and be supportive both to her and to my granddaughter who I usually have a very close relationship, guess I can only be there for them both to help pick up the peices.

This week has been a bit of a challenge, it has come to my notice that an online shop has downloaded an image of my artwork from my blog and directed her customers to my blog. I can only see this as using my knowledge of the Golden products to promote their online sales. This website does not have a retail shop so does not have to contend with the expenses involved. I understand there is a place for online shops but their ethics are not always very high, there I have vented my spleen. Unfortunately for those who visit my blog and have learnt techniques that I have been only to willing to share and promote the wonderful Golden Products, I will not be putting anymore of my art samples on my blog, however if you contact me by phone or email I will do my very best to help you. I really, really am sorry to take this step but it leaves me very vulnerable to predators. I hope you will continue to visit and read my blog and if you don't I am sorry I will miss you.

ciao bella


JuliaRose said...

That's okay...Jacky , there are no blog police are there?...are there?/?....heehee ( I meant)
I just mean't you could post a comment on some friends sites,.. tagging them to tell us about themselves as well.

JuliaRose said...

I am horrified...I just read the bottom of the post properly...and am sorry for you, that some unscrupulous person has used your kindness to their gain. I feel that it is wonderful to be able to share techniques,etc with everyone, but this is not honest.

My previous comment about blog police was in no way about that...
I was commenting only on the seven random facts tagging..

Ro Bruhn said...

So sorry to read about the blog art snatcher, the only consolation is they must admire your work to want to steal it. Small consolation though. Sorry to hear about Jo's family woes too. I've been there with my eldest daughter, it does end eventually, we are great friends now.

Anonymous said...

Hi Juliarose thanks for your comments, unfortunately I couldnt find your email address, do you think you could send it to me.
ciao bella

Judy said...

Jacky, why dont you place a copyright notice on your blog???