Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New magazine Jeanne d' arc Living 3rd Edition 2011

 The 3rd edition 2011 arrived recently, it is so inspiring.  A lifestyle magazine that gives just great ideas for your home, garden and even yummy recipes.  When I am reading it I just want to get stuck in to making things for my home. The above three photo's are from the magazine which is printed on recycled paper, just a beautiful magazine.
 And this is my attempt to recreate the planted pot directions, in this pot there are pansies, foxglove, lobelia and then there are the plants that will eventually trail down over the side like the silver dichondra.  I went for the silver foliage and white, blue and pink flowers when they get to that stage.  Although we have had a small amount of rain it is still very dry but the days are just glorious, so typical of Autumn in Australia.
See the old zinc bath tub in the rear that is also crammed with plants and it marks Alex's burial spot.  Lovely new rose next to it is called "Mothers Love" which I planted on Mothers Day in memory of my dear Mum as well as John 's Mum.  Has a beautiful pale apricot to cream flower.
                          And the view from inside my studio, it will be pretty don't you think?
 Above and following is the lovely garden of my good friend Robyn Longley who has the most amazing garden up in the hills, the most stunning roses.  Now this is what I can only aspire to achieve.

I have four editions of this magazine now, the first I got in 2009 is written in Danish where the magazine comes from, I can pick up one or the other of the copies and see things I didn't see before.
If you would love to have one of these beautiful magazines you can email me jackyjohn1@optusnet.com.au and if I have any left over I will be taking them to our Miss Johnson's Vintage and Handmade Market on the 10th and 11th June and of course there should be another edition here by then, they come out every six weeks.
Look on my little sisters blog http://theshabbychateau.blogspot.com/and see the wonderful wings she was inspired to make from the magazine as well, for one of her lovely mannequins.
Hope you all had a wonderful Mothers Day as a Mother or if your lucky enough with your Mother.
best wishes

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Karen said...

Your garden is looking just gorgeous Jacky. Can't wait to see how your planter looks in full bloom. Love the beautiful images you post.I don't always get a chance to comment but always enjoy reading your blog. Hope you and John are both well. xo