Wednesday, May 11, 2011


recently I was privileged to  spend 4 days 3 nights with my 3 youngest Granddaughters.  It was go go go from the time we got up until the time we hit the beds at night.  I am so totally not used to how much energy kids have.  To give you an example on the 2nd day I was up and dressed at 6 am in time to get the kids down to breakfast, still in their pyjamas.  Why so early, Maddison had a skating lesson at 8 am.  The whole reason for this trip to Bunbury (two and a half hours from Perth) was to take Maddie for these skating lessons with world renown instructors from Italy.  Hence a one on one lesson to 8.30 am, back to the hotel and into the swimming pool (not me) until 9.30 whereby I dragged them out to get dressed and then off to a movie at 10 am.  Diary of a whimpy kid 2, I enjoyed as well.  Then off shopping for nana's turn for a couple of hours, lunch.  Down to the beach 5 minutes walk from hotel, with a high tide and high sea a couple of hours spent racing around in the bubbling surf, off to the playground where they played chase with some new friend they made.  Me watching, thinking 'you go kids' thinking that will wear them out.  Back to the hotel around 4 pm back in the pool until 5.30, walked down the street to the main street and food outlets for tea.  Back to the hotel, back in the pool until 8, are you getting the idea now, wear them out and they will sleep WRONG!!!! only person worn out here was nana, this time I took a book with me down to the pool, can't let kids in the pool without an adult (me with my book)  then blow me down when they got out of the pool with a new friend they wanted to play hide and seek phew!!! 9 pm off up to bed.  Now Alyssa who has trouble getting to sleep had to sleep with nana so we could talk until she got tired enough to sleep, I think I was talking in my sleep by now.  Next morning  up again at 6 for breakfast and another 8 am lesson.  However I enjoyed it all and wasn't crabby nana too often I don't think?

after 2 hours driving it was time for a pit stop at a favourite watering hole, Harvey Information Centre.  Hot chocolate and apple pie for the girls, coffee and cake for the driver.  also a chance to stretch legs and run around for a bit in their wonderful grounds.

in the atrium of the Lord Forrest Hotel, can you see the swimming pool, they got their money's worth out of that.  our room on 2nd floor looking down to the pool
                                                  that's my little Maddie with the Italian tutor

after Sunday's lessons we headed off to Donnybrook, such a beautiful little town.  The countryside just glorious in this beautiful autumn weather.  Met Kirsty there at an amazing playground built with a large  donation from a local resident in their will.
back in Collie, no prima donna's my granddaughters, like to mix it with Alyssa's brother and boy cousins.
Thank you so much Kaitie, Alyssa and Maddie for spending this time with me, I will treasure it always.  A!nd now for a lie down to get over, just joking

Love you girls xoxoxo
your nana

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ANGIE said...

This is too sweet and oh so funny, Jacky. I can understand and relate to what your're saying. I'm 64 (where did the itme go?) and poop out by 9 pm. It looks like you had a great time.

Blogging makes us all young and perky!