Thursday, May 19, 2011

rainy day in Perth

Well it is something to get excited about here in Perth West Australia after about 3 months no rain.  And it is good solid rain, we have had a few odd light showers this week but needed a lot more, now we can turn the reticulation off.    Yesterday Phillipa and I took the day off and went into the city by train to the big Craft Fair at the Convention Centre.  Although the fair on the whole was dissappointing for us, I am sure the ladies from the country and if you where a patchwork enthusiast you would have enjoyed it.  We where out of there before 2 oclock whereas last year we stayed until after 4pm.  I did do some damage to the bank account however.  Sanshi from Perth has the most amazing Japanese fabrics and kits, I have been eyeing up one of the kits in particular and as they are closing down I thought I better bite the bullet and get it before I lost my chance.  I am going to sew it by hand it is a more contemporary design and my aim is to make it to take with us when we get around to travelling in a campervan or such, it will also give me something to do in the evenings when the light is no good for painting.  I can also take it with me and stitch while I am at the markets or fairs.  I also bought some knitting to make a loose over top in a linen cottom mix thread, can also do this in the evenings.  Oh and I bought a book, 'Flavour for Mixed Media' by Mary Beth Shaw it is a bit out there with some cooking recipes as well an interview with Misty Mawn.  Well this sort of weather entices one to curl up with a book so here I come......
Have a good weekend

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