Friday, May 27, 2011

garden glories

 Its such glorious weather here at the moment, and yes I can brag after about 5 months of heat and no rain, I am like a pig in swill, enjoying every moment.

 I throw my vegetable peelings etc onto the back garden and have some interesting things come up.  These are not edible, I think they are from decaying roots off the tree.  We have a couple of large Robinia's the Pink Wisteria is particularly bad at sending out roots, I have seen them yeek!!! coming up in the next door neighbours, constantly pushing up the brick paving and even found one going under the concrete pad of the house.  John goes out and saws the roots where he can find them and pulls out what he can.  Some of the roots are the size of your arm, so you can imagine the damage they could do.  We don't want to chop them down as they provide such lovely shade in the afternoon sun.  Hence I think these toadstoolie things are coming up from the rotted roots.

 Wow and look at this, chillies on a plant that I put in only about a month ago, I get such a thrill out of growing things to eat, just amazes me even though growing up we grew all our own vegetables or Dad did I should say
 and here is another one of these blighters in my vege patch which is about 2 feet above ground, insects have been eating this one mmmh now does that mean there is a root coming up in there too, I have chopped them out before from my vege garden.
                                                        theres even a flush of roses out

I am proud of my little miniature meyer lemon tree growing in an old copper, last year it had one lemon on it and this year 13 hows that.  Since getting Jamie Olivers 30 min cook book I am using lemon juice and zest on meat, salads etc, I even like eating the leftover lemon after squeezing out the juice, ooh am I weird or what.  When we where kids we used to eat raw rhubarb dipped in sugar and green grapes (before they where ripe) sprinkled with salt yeek what ferral kids we where.  Another thing I have started using since getting his book is fresh chilli, not the hot one, I have never used chilli as I thought it would be too hot.  Thank you Jamie.  Have you tried Lindt dark chocolate with chilli, mmmh now you will have to try that one, it leaves a nice warm after taste in your mouth.  I have been told that chilli speeds up your metabolism and dark chocolate is high in something good for you, well I want to believe it.
Have a good weekend

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