Thursday, April 26, 2012

Anzac day in Perth

As the sun set in the West, Let silent contemplation be your offering 

At just after 4 I jumped in the van and drove to Kings Park, mistakenly thinking that most people would have gone home for the public holiday.  hmmmn, wrong, there where still hundreds of people enjoying the balmy day and paying their respects to those who fought for a better world for us all.  I knew I would get some good shots as the sun went down and I wasn't let down.  I would have stayed longer as the light was so wonderful and I was enjoying taking photo's but, I put a chicken in the oven before I left and it was now 5.30, had to get home quick.  Well chicken was slightly done, but still tasted good.  Oh I had to take some of the fabulous boab tree, several years ago this was trucked down from up North, as you can see it has survived and is thriving.  Not the best angle but the only one where it stood out on its own.
We do not forget.....

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