Monday, April 2, 2012


Happy Easter
this easter I have made my own easter gifts for some special friends, doing this I created something with my own hands, and provided a quality chocolate egg, Lindt my favourite.
Here is how these where made, quick and easy, very vintage and eco friendly................
Materials cellophane bags, cut up egg carton (grey one), thinly cut old text paper, ribbon, a pretty card and a luscious easter egg

Put them in the cello bag in following order, cut egg carton, thinly sliced old text paper separated and scrunched in your hand, drop easter egg on top.  Thread ribbon through pretty card (Paddy you might recognise this), wrap ribbon twice around cello bag then tie in a pretty bow, wella a pretty little easter gift for a special friend....

another idea is to use half an grey egg carton, I cut the lid off you could leave it on and have it sitting up on top.  Add shredded text paper and a snip of old lace.  How simple is this.  I was inspired by the Jeanne d'Arc magazine where i get a lot of my decorating ideas.  See my Artistic Journey blog for details on purchasing this magazine Artistic Journey
Have a wonderful Easter break, if you are travelling, be safe......

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