Sunday, April 1, 2012

warehouse wars

Recently we have had a massive hardware outlet opened in Perth, going in opposition to Bunnings.  Masters is part owned by Woolworths and Lowes an American company.  John and I decided to check it out on Saturday, hardware shops are John's idea of heaven, needless to say I don't share the idea, but hey, he comes to the places I want to go to, so fairs fair.  We where very impressed, very neatly laid out, lots of information, easy to follow.  How do they compare to Bunnings, well it will be a long time coming wake up call for them, all the things Masters has prioritised i.e. neatly laid out, easy to follow, plenty of info, staff waiting in every area to assist you, you should have done a long time ago Bunnings.  One thing that really amused me, before I knew of Masters coming to Perth, Bunnings never had air-conditioning in our local warehouse, been there for how many years! sweltered in there in summer, and hello, air-conditioning installed this summer.  I know where I will go by choice.  The gardening section which was so well laid out was inspirational, not only plants but everything to do with gardens.  The home appliances also well laid out, staff very informative on the products.  We have been thinking of replacing our vacuum cleaner, a Dyson, that we have had for years.  The Dyson area was well laid out again, and lots of information and friendly knowledgeable staff.  My evaluation of Masters, I would go back for a vacuum cleaner and some of the garden products but! I would support my local nursery for plants and fertilisers.  A cafe at Masters, would be a good option, as it is so huge, we wandered for a couple of hours before hunger overcome us and we left to go get lunch at a Nursery.

Masters even had this gorgeous Dulux dog, he is enormous, photo doesn't really show how big he is, and so friendly, didn't mind posing for his photo, in the background you can see how clean, light and well laid out Masters is.

I took this photo the other day of this flying insect dragging a bug across the pathway, it was going flat tack.  I have noticed it flying around the area where we keep our bins.  I think it belongs to the wasp family, will send photo to the agriculture dept, I have seen notices asking to report any sightings of European wasps, it may be one of them, it is quite big, about 4 or 5 cms long.
bye for now

PS Update from the department of Agriculture
Spider Wasps are very active wasps whose only prey are spiders. The females hunt spiders which they paralyse and transport to burrows. Most species dig their own burrows with some species using existing wasp burrows. There are also species which specialise in stealing prey from other spider wasps. An egg is laid on or near the spider and the developing larva feeds on the spider until it pupates.

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Penny said...

Not a European wasp, a local one, we see them in the sandhills here in South Australia.