Sunday, April 29, 2012

A week in New Norcia

The back view of St Gertrudes the former boarding school for girls where we stayed.  Most of us slept on the first floor.  The width of this building on the first floor is like an H at the ends are some rooms and the bathroom, then going all along the middle is two lots of dormitory's with the balcony overlooking the chapel and more dormitory across the end.  Along the front is a covered in veranda with a single line of dormitory and at the back is open veranda with iron lace.

this is my little cubby hole for the week, after I moved beds the first night when I woke up with a bull ant crawling on my cheek, don't know how the little blighter got up to the first floor but I wasn't sharing a bed with him, very lucky he didn't bite me, probably thought I was too tough!!!!
 This is the view looking down the central dorm, there is someone in the big hall where you go into the upstairs balcony of the chapel.
 Looking out from the window in one of the dorm windows below which ran along the front of the building.  Curtains to give you some privacy.

                         Not such a good photo of the chapel as it was quite dark at the time.
 This is the beautiful building where we had our meals, some of us in the photography group explored all over this building taking photo's.  This was the former boys boarding school.
 This little baby was attacked by magpies and damaged his wing, took opportunity of photographing him before Shayne took him to the vet, isn't he so cute.
 this is the very top floor of St Gertrude's the middle is divided into 3 long rooms, 1 a dormitory, but through the door was this below, not so scary in black and white, but there was cobwebs.  A couple of the girls slept up here, brave souls.  Was great for photographs though.
I had such a great time and learnt so much about photography.  New Norcia is a great place for a retreat and they will be back next year.  If you are interested go onto their website to see the great artists they are bringing to Perth. I am also putting up the photo's I took on my photography blog look here if you are interested.  I will post some  photo's of some of the beautiful work done in the other workshops next.

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