Friday, September 7, 2007

Alex my airedale

Spring is here and it amazes me how from one day to the next a season changes, from the 1st September all of a sudden it seems that its light earlier in fact 6.30 here in Western Australia its daylight now. Each morning I walk my trusted hairy friend alex (silly name for a female dog, but the breeder named her and as she was 18 months old when I got her it didnt seem quite right to confuse her with a new name so alex she stayed). alex my dear friend keeps me fit with our daily morning walks, and as she is a big dog we set quite a pace. alex is now 12 still thinks she's a pup, but sleeps more and has become rather deaf. she is an airedale and if you know the breed they are the biggest clowns out, very gentle mannered and non aggresive. alex's coat which gets very thick and has become matted, she looks like an oversized teddy bear, next monday she will be getting it all clipped off and then she looks like a skinned rabbit. I will post photo's after the clip. she still bounces around and is always ready for a game.

what a life aye!

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