Friday, September 28, 2007

Donna's Book

the lovely Donna Daniel has allowed me to share her beautiful book that she has finally completed. This is a book I taught the girls at the shop a few months ago, inspired by the lovely Nina Bagley. It was such a long project I had to rely on the girls doing a lot of their pages at home. It gives me so much pleasure to see what creative work they came up with and Donna was no exception.

Donna was blessed with lots of beautiful family photo's, Donna thinks a lot of them may have been taking by an Uncle who was a photographer, they are not your usual snapshots.

Aren't these donkeys just wonderful, once upon of time they where so popular for rides etc but now seem out of favour. there is something so special about donkeys I think, used and abused thoughout Europe through the ages, guess technology has made them obsolete as a workhorse. I guess this is good for the poor little animal that was often mistreated.

I was unable to photograph all the pages but I am sure you will agree with me that Donna is a very talented lady.


Jacky said...

to those kind people who left comments on my blog, thank you. this computor illitirate grandmother will have to wait until her daughter Jo is here to show me how to answer each of you.
another thing excuse the spelling mistakes, my brain goes quicker than my fingers.

Judy said...

What a gorgeous book that is - i love all the different ways she has attached things.

Ro Bruhn said...

Fabulous book, you must be a good teacher Jacky.
I remember going for donkey rides at the 'seaside' in England as a child.