Friday, September 7, 2007

Spring is here in WA

Spring with all its glory has arrived, up and down weather, warm lovely sunshine one day and pouring with rain the next. Also with spring comes the wonderful flowers, the spring bulbs are my favourites. In New Zealand spring was heralded with bulbs and fruit trees bursting into flower and the arrival of frolicking snowy white lambs (here in Australia the lambs are born at different times of the year) this I miss. In my pocket of a garden I dont have many bulbs, just the dainty little snowdrops which I just love, reminds me of my childhood, they grew all around the paddocks in country New Zealand. the other plant that just bursts into bloom with a vengeance is the lovely McCartney rose. This rose only lasts a few weeks but what a show it puts on as it climbs through the trees. These photo's I took this morning, I thought they looked stunning against the bright blue sky. Within 1 hour the sky was overcast again as shown with the palm tree at the back of the shop, spring showers have arrived off and on all morning.

above is the wonderful climbing devonensis rose, which is a repeat flowering rose with the most amazing intoxicating perfume, my all time favourite rose, it can also be bought as a bush rose. The perfume is similiar to ponds cold cream. I recall when my mum died the nursing director at the nursing home told me to go home and smell the roses in my garden, what good advice, whenever I smell a rose it brings my mum back to me. love you mum


Ro Bruhn said...

I have the same passion for lilac Jacky, when I was a child in England we had one outside our back door. Whenever I smell lilac now I'm transported back to my childhood, the same with daffodils abd bluebells, we had masses of them everywhere in spring.

Judy said...

Now ponds cold cream brings back a few memories!!! does that mean i am showing my age???

Julia said...

Hello again,
I just read that you are from NZ, am I, I grew up in Rotorua...

Love your description on the changes of the season's....
I have booked to do Misty's workshop In Melbourne in May and am too excited for words..
Best wishes....Julia