Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday night girls

Every Wednesday night I teach a small group of wonderful girls, these girls have been coming to the shop mostly since we opened nearly two years ago.

We roll from one project to another, making shrines, journals and recently small 6" x 6" stretched canvas's the Joanne figured out from an article on Misty Mawn's technique.

The girls did a wonderful job on their individuals canvas's and all enjoyed the challenge.

Above is a photo of all their canvas's when they finished.

Above is a waxed canvas created by Mandy from the previous weeks class.
A smaller canvas of Mandy's
Cheryl's waxed canvas
Above is Mandy's Shrine that she did in previous classes, well done girls you all do such wonderful work, I am proud of all you do.
Joanne will be putting all these images in the gallery on our website if you are interested in seeing other work the girls have done.


Ro Bruhn said...

I've just discovered your blog Jacky through Jo, what lovely pieces of art, I love these small canvases, I received one in a swap with a lady in America, I like the way you can stand or hang them.
Glad you've joined the blogging world, I'll link you to my blog if that's OK with you.

Judy said...

All the canvases look so stunning jacky - wish your shop was closer to Sydney