Friday, September 21, 2007

Alex my naked airdale

Remember several posts ago I showed you photo's of my wonderful hairy teddy bear of a dog, well she's hairy no more. Alex was clipped on Monday, and as she had a lot of matted fur, I must admit I don't groom her like I should I am ashamed to say, anyway she had to be clipped right back to her skin. Now she looks more like a greyhound than a airdale. When you get an airdale clipped usually the fur under her chin (her beard) is left long and creates a box type face and the fur on her legs are only cut with scizzors and left about 2 inches long. So she wouldn't be up to show standard, but she doesnt care, she's all frisky now but looked a bit sheepish when I walked her to the park on Tuesday, she was like 'don't look at me I am naked' when the other dogs that regularly walk in the park ran up to say hello, I think they thought 'who's this new mut in our park'. Oh well enough doggy talk for now.

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