Friday, September 28, 2007

blossoms in my garden

hope you are not bored with seeing photo's in my garden but is just the best time of the year and I love taking photo's early in the morning. This wonderful tree (pink wisteria tree) is in my wee garden and lightly shades our backyard in summer. Its a favourite spot for the birds to sit and view the neighborhood. At the moment it is has the most beautiful soft green leaves bursting out of tight buds and the most delicate pink wisteria flowers which are prolific at the moment, they are also perfumed and wafts of sweet scent swirls around my garden. The reason I captured these photo's this morning was there was a raucus noise outside and when I checked there was about 5 brilliant coloured parakeets sqwaking and enjoying eating the flowers, these birds have no table manners. unfortunately you will just have to take my word that they where there as by the time I rushed inside dodging the dog, turned the camera on, arriving back and trying to focus they all flew off.

This photo shows a close up of the blossoms, can't you just almost smell the perfume.

this wonderful rose is seduction, and isnt the colour seductive, it flowers prolifercally but has no perfume. If I prune the flowers off after flowering it will bloom again in no time. love the the little beads of dew on the petals.

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